IMG_6743IMG_7292By now, it’s almost the end of the work week and it’s so easy to get caught up in what needs to be done, what you haven’t gotten done and feeling the heavy load of everything that needs to be done.

Take time to slow down to speed up. What? Slow down? Yes! If you take some time each day to reflect on what you have gotten accomplished, make note of it (hopefully in a journal of some type) and feel grateful for what you have been able to accomplishment to this date.

Take a break from your desk: go for a walk outside, notice the wonders of nature and what she accomplishes, slowly but surely. That tree wasn’t a seed yesterday, so be gentle on yourself. Plant the acorn, which will be a mighty oak someday…or maybe your oak is a palm tree…be unique! Be authentic.

Be patient. Sow the seeds that you plant. Water and care for them. Instead of starting a new seedling and then ripping it up, as we are sometimes are known to do, when we start one project and then go to the next. Instead, make a decision, follow through on that course of action, and see it to the end. If you get there and don’t see that the oak is forming, then, and only after you have followed through, evaluate and then decide on your next course of inspired action. Then rinse and repeat, evaluate and plan your next strategic action.

Take massive, inspired action, to reach your goals! One step forward is one step closer to your goals. Keep your eye on what the end result is and you’ll get there.