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As the President and Founder of Life With Zest Coaching and Public Speaking business, I have been combining two of the biggest passions of my lifetime as a Road Warrior and my Wellness expertise, helping busy professionals create simple, healthy rituals that fit their lifestyles and goals. I am a Life Coach, Health Coach,  and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. My passion for Health & Wellness motivates me to stay current with the newest health trends and issues.

I recently worked as a Business Development Manager at Heka Health, which provides gamified, turnkey Wellbeing and Sustainability Experiences for events and communities. I was thrilled to support health-conscious organizations in creating engaging and fun wellness challenges that socially connected participants and generated revenue.

I formerly used my health background as a sports director, dance instructor, and assistant cruise director at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. I led exercise, aerobic, and dance classes. I also conducted varied passenger activities on RCCL ships. I then proceeded to train consultants at NutriSystem.

My mission is to Inspire and Empower “Pros on the Go” to look and feel radiant, energetic, and fulfilled by incorporating healthy systems at home and on the road.

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