Make Your Exercise Routines Less Routine

It’s difficult to get into an exercise routine, and for the few who can accomplish that, it starts to become too routine. When that happens, it becomes too easy for people to stop doing the routines and give up on exercising altogether.

When you do the same routines with exercise, you get fewer benefits from it after a while. Your muscles become too used to the routine, and they will reach plateaus that are difficult to break through. By mixing up your routines, your muscles will have new plateaus to reach and will develop faster.

Trainers & coaches mix up the exercises of their clients for this reason.  By switching up the sets of routines, it helps the muscles get the benefits from new exercises. Then, over time, they bring back the previous sets to once again break up the routine.

Routine exercise is still better than no exercise at all. Without exercise, your muscles will start to break down and become out of shape. But, once you start changing your routines, your muscles will be developed quicker.

Another benefit of incorporating different routines is your mindset about exercise will stay fresh. That’s one of the best ways to keep going with it. You can look forward to trying something different. Of course, your muscles will hurt when you give something new a try for the first time. But, it doesn’t last forever. In fact, it should be a reminder that those muscles haven’t been getting the proper exercises.

Most people break their exercises into two major categories, cardio, and weight training. Cardio exercises can be performed more frequently than weight training. You can do cardio every day, but weight training should be staggered every other day or every two days. The rest period gives the muscles time to rebuild.

Even though you can do cardio training every day, it is still beneficial to break up the exercises. You can do the same exercise for a few weeks and then change to something different. Or, you can alternate between two or more cardio exercises. If you use a treadmill one day, then use a cycle the next. If you jog one day, then take up swimming on the next day, etc.

Shaking up your exercise routines will give you the maximum benefits to your body, and you increase your chances of sticking with exercising. And have fun! Find something that makes you smile, lightens your heart or makes you feel free and alive again! Dance, play with your kids or grandkids, your dog, or go to the closest park and slide down a slide, swing on a swing…slow and steady – and fun – wins the race! You will be happier as well as healthier because of it.

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