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How to avoid a fast food joint when on the go and hungry


At one time or another we have all found ourselves on the drive thru line, starving, and craving some food that will provide a solution to that crazy grumbling sound in our bellies. So, we go for something quick and fast. It also doesn’t help that each town has at least one to two, or even more fast food joints, to offer some quick yet unhealthy options for us. How do we avoid this? How can we avoid being that hungry, craving, cranky, and in a need of a fast fix person who has lost all control for healthy determination? Well, it is much simpler than you’d think.

The real fast food, before corporations built these multi-million dollar unhealthy options for us, was good old-fashioned fruits and veggies. Imagine that! Fruits and veggies should always be the number one option, and they are sold everywhere we turn as well, although they don’t usually have a drive thru. So, if it is about convenience then we need to prepare ahead of time. If we pack snacks and quick foods to go in our purse or brief case then we will always have a fast food option that aligns with having a healthy determination.


I suggest packing apples, bananas, oranges, nuts, gluten-free crackers, a healthy bar like a Kind Bar,  and even some healthy homemade trail mix! Trail mix is one of my favorite go-to snacks when I’m on the go. I put some nuts, raisins, and dried fruit like cranberries in a little Ziploc back. It is always there and it doesn’t fail me. It also quick to prepare and if I make a bunch of it I can take little servings for a couple days so it lasts.

The best way to avoid fast food joints while on the go is to always make sure you have a fast food option in your purse.   1267006

It’s Smoothie Time!

Smoothie time with greensOrganic pineapple, orange, Meyer lemon, cucumber, celery, ginger, mango, red cabbage, cilantro, parsley, mango, raw green drink, probiotics, coconut water and a little ice. Prepared with two of my favorite kitchen utensils a Titan slicer and my Vitamix. What’s for breakfast at your house today?

Challenge #3

IMG_20140215_165713_868Day #3 – Healthy Humpday – You probably started the week out great on Monday, after your “cheat” weekend. Get back on track today by choosing one healthy thing that you’ll add to your day for one week. Let’s turn the philosophy around though. Instead of thinking about what you’ll eliminate, today: add one healthy item to what you eat today. I’ll start. Mine will be to add a two handfuls of raw baby carrots to nosh on this afternoon. What will you add to your menu today? A vegetable dish? A salad? A piece of fruit?