are you ready to unlock the keys to LOOK AND FEEL                                                        youR MOST VIBRANT & healthy SELf?
let’s work together and create your personalized
a “plan” that takes the guesswork out of identifying what your body
needs to achieve balance to jumpstart healthier choices to
                                               LIVE your LIFE WITH ZEST!!

I have developed proven strategies through my life studies, experiences & successes, and most importantly, my client successes. It all begins with a focus on sustaining mental, physical, and emotional well-being. By directing our focus towards the highest levels of both feeling good and functioning at our peak levels of health & vitality.

I love transforming recipes into healthier versions, covering trending strategies on how to reduce stress, live healthier, have more energy, and – most importantly – how to ingrain healthy habits into your day-to-day life and put your habits on autopilot – like brushing your teeth.
I love hiking and taking long walks with my husband!
I am an eternal learner – mostly natural health & wellness, life enhancement, self-improvement, natural living, creating personalized diets, organics, and technology.
I love to speak the local language when I travel. I LOVE health and travel so much I became a sports director on the cruise ships!
                        What Clients Say About Working With Sandi: 

Sandi has shown me how I can make small changes to my daily habits for long-term improvements to my health. I also love the never-ending ideas for energy boosters and fast and easy recipes that she has at her fingertips. If you are looking for ways to make healthy choices despite your busy lifestyle – I definitely recommend that you work with Sandi


Thank you for the information you’ve provided in this course as it has really helped! I’m just leaving a dinner with clients, and just with the knowledge & encouragement that you’ve given me. I’m so grateful for what you’ve shared. I make better choices because of you.”


I started working with Sandi Jacobs when I realized I needed some support in staying off prescriptions while handling my diabetes. While I have been developing some healthy habits over the years, I needed additional assistance making sense of my diet. Sandi came through. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about healthy lifestyles, but she also took a personal interest in my well-being. When I met with my doctors last week, I was happy to know I had Sandi on my side. Then when the doctor told me I didn’t need medication to treat my diabetes, I felt like celebrating! Sandi came through! 

P.S. Whether you want to become more organized and get more done, lose weight, get into shape, boost your energy & vitality, or enjoy life to its fullest, I will help you use your willpower wisely and create a plan that fits into your schedule so you can do the things you love.


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